8 Şubat 2022

The magnificent geometry of Venus' dance with the Sun marks the sky in the form of five-pointed star. These five zodiac signs of Venus Star which energetically support each other, reflect the theme they symbolize on earth. Therefore, we can also look at the events and countries on Earth from the point of view of the influence of the Venus Star. If we look specifically at the crisis in January 2022; the tension experienced was not limited to Ukraine and Russia, but Europe and America were also involved in the issue.

Nick Campion, in his book “The Book of World Horoscopes”, reports that Ukraine declared its sovereignty within the Soviet Union on July 16, 1990 and independence was proclaimed on 24th August 1991 and the result was announced at about 6:00 pm. In the light of this information, Ukraine’s chart ascendent is 16° Capricorn. If we look at each star of Ukraine separately;

Head: 29°Leo in 7th house: This house is related to the cabinet and internal affairs, tourism, the bond of relationships amongst masses and business establishments, foreign affairs, and agreements. Ukraine VSP is in conjunction with Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. Mercury; Strategist, intellectuals, and journalists. Venus; resources, arts.  Jupiter; diplomatic attaches, teachers, judiciary, and banking systems. Both Mercury and Jupiter refer to advisors to the head of state. When VSP conjoins with these planets; Ukraine should be able to act in a way that does not put the country's resources at risk, both when managing foreign relations and when choosing the country in which it will act as a partner. Out of sign conjunction of VSP with the Sun means that the country's administrator should be the one who is responsible for concluding agreements in the interests of the country and should take the first step in ensuring cooperation with the right allies.

Helping Hand: 8°Scorpio in 9th house: The judicial system, morality, religion, diplomats, foreign missions, progress, and development. The helping hand tells the energy that will be used to use the Venus Star effectively. Ukraine’s energy flow refers that the laws and the legal system being undeniable for proper cooperation. What the country can offer its collaborators is to show that it has a system that works fairly and in accordance with the legal order.

Receiving Hand: 22°Gemini in 5th house: The fifth house rules celebrities, emotional stability, communal harmony, speculative nature of the people, investments, stock exchange, children, population, morals, and values of the people. The fact that the other hand is located in the 5th house indicates that Leo's energy will easily flow and support the 5th house theme. Any agreement that takes into account the interests of the country can reduce the financial risks of the country. It can help to get recognition in the fields of literature, education, general culture, art, and entertainment. In this way, it can have the potential of a country that can also come to the forefront with tourism revenues.

Foundational foot, 28°Capricorn in first house: The first house is the nation as a whole, body politic, myth of nations, the nature of the state. The foundational foot is here symbolizes that Capricorn's discipline and perseverance in achieving can restore the country to its potential reputation. The country will be able to show itself with a solid foreign policy. North Node is a diplomatic move. The Star is in conjunction with the node with a wide orb in here. Diplomacy, law, and order is the key to success regarding the country’s position in the world.

Receiving Foot, 11°Aries in 2nd house: The second house is national wealth, status and relationships within the country, the purchasing power of the people, financial stability, national income, strength of the currency, budget and balance of trade. the fact that the other leg of the star is located in this area emphasizes that the country must create a solid foundation for the resources and increase the gross national product

In short, the issues that the country should pay the most attention to are its foreign relations and solid business activities. In this regard, it is necessary to establish laws, discipline, education and sound policies.

The VSP of Ukraine is Leo and is located in the seventh house. Although the country’s regime is a unitary presidential republic, we can say that oligarchs were active in the governance of the country after it declared its independence. The fact that one of the helping hands is in Scorpio along with Pluto may explain the mafia connections. Ukraine consists of 24 special districts, two cities of special status and one autonomous republic. I think it is quite understandable that the VSP is located in the seventh house, representing allies and collaborations. Ukraine is a country consisting of special regions that benefit each other through agreements. The fact that Venus is in contact with Mercury and Jupiter is also the supporting theme of this structure.

In the five-pointed star of Venus, Capricorn feeds Leo, and Leo feeds Aries. According to this energy flow; Capricorn energy in the first house supports Leo VSP in the seventh house. This stellium, which connects with the twelfth house, is quite active in the current state of the country. It is a well-known fact that illegal organizations in Ukraine influence the country's politics without exposing themselves. One article even states that the future of Ukraine is being shaped by billionaires from behind the scenes. One specific name is even mentioned throughout the political events of the country, whether he is in office or not. The current situation, reflected in the international press, can be explained by the Capricorn star, which connects the twelfth house to the first house. Capricorn always symbolizes achievement and wants to establish his own authority. Oligarchs who dominate politicians and do business with them can be clearly observed in the potential energy flow of the country's Venus Star. We can think of Leo's energy that feeds Aries as the motivation behind this cooperation, the sharing of material resources. In a report, analyst Lauren Goodrich from the global intelligence company Stratfor emphasizes that oligarchs are actively in politics without a specific ideology, and who they support depends entirely on their monetary power and the continuity of their own empire. It seems to me that this visible face of the country clearly explains the symbolism of the house and signs of VSP and its receiving foot.

The fact that VSP is located with Venus and Mercury in Leo—and its receiving hand being in the fifth house in Gemini—indicates that the country can take an advantageous position in matters concerning art, creativity and communication. Moreover, if we look at the seventh house from an international relations perspective, it would be safe to say that sports, art and creativity can be used to the country’s advantage in negotiations. We already see the combination of inspiration and creativity in the duo of Neptune/Uranus in conjunction with the ascendant. It is obvious that this Venus Star energy is not used in the development process. Instead, we see that the dramatic effects of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction have come to the fore more in the history of the country. Nevertheless, this collective potential can be noticed in the characteristics of the country’s president. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a screenwriter, actor and director. He spearheaded the passing of legislation regarding oligarchs in parliament, which is a first in the nation’s history. He is also challenging Russia these days by trying to make his country join NATO.

The Euromaidan uprising;

It is possible to say that the events that led to Ukraine’s current crisis began with the Euromaidan uprising on November 21, 2013. If you recall, as a result of these events, the government was overthrown, and Russia annexed Crimea. Just like today, the eyes of the world were on the developments in Ukraine on these days.

While transit Pluto is in conjunction with natal Uranus, it simultaneously in a sextile aspect with the helping hand in Scorpio and in a square aspect with the star in Aires (receiving foot). This uprising was caused by the ruling president Viktor Yanukovych’s approach, suspending the Ukraine-European Union agreement and becoming closer to Russia.

We can explain the theme behind this event as the economy, national resources (second house Aries receiving foot), international relations and legal agreements (ninth house helping hand).

Transit Mars, on the other hand, in a square aspect with the other star in the fifth house. Transit Mars, in accordance with its nature, manifested itself in the form of quarrels, violence, conflicts, and the uprising that began resulted in Yanukovych leaving the country. I must also say that transiting Saturn, the dispositor of the Venus Star, is in conjunction with natal Pluto. In other words, it triggered the helping hand and irreversibly changed the direction of events. This event presents us a Ukraine that is governed by a president (VSP Leo) different from his predecessors.

On the other hand, if we look at this uprising in terms of Solar Arc; ascendant triggering the helping hand that is in Scorpio indicates that the transformation (Scorpio ninth house) in the country's politics (first house) will undergo a radical change through a Russian-backed conflict. The Solar Arc Sun in the eighth house, representing death and crises, in square aspect with the other helping hand in Gemini, indicating losses, deaths in the streets, and depression. I think this explains the early stage of power struggles.

The Oligarch Law;

During Saturn in a square aspect with Venus Star located in the house of laws, judges and the search for meaning, a major bill passed the assembly (September 23, 2021). This is a piece of legislation that is expected to eliminate the national security threat of the oligarchs who dominate the country. Transit Jupiter also trines the other helping hand, the 22° Gemini, paving the way for the country to be governed more liberally. Considering the inconjunct aspect of the second house Progress Moon with the VSP, we can say that the current plan involves the prevention of the use of the country’s material resources in a few people’s personal interest.

Not only the Progress Moon, but the Progress Saturn is also in an inconjunct aspect with the VSP, and in (applying) conjunction with the foundational foot. Saturn indicates the amount of freedom that a society allows or denies itself. It symbolizes the separation of order from chaos. Saturn, more than anything else, represents states and institutions. The fact that Progress Saturn touches both stars of Venus suggests that the country should now enter into a different structure than the current one.

Indeed, at the 2008 NATO summit, Ukraine and Georgia were promised membership. As it stands, this situation is not very much in line with the interests of Russia. USA evacuated its embassy in Kiev. Great Britain, Canada, Japan, France and Australia issued warnings to their own citizens to leave the country. The VSP of Ukraine is located in its seventh house, which is the house of hostilities and war. Since both the Progress Saturn and the Progress Moon trigger VSP, hostility and conflict are a strong possibility in the current situation.

On the other hand, Mercury is the ruler of the sixth house, which represents the army and defense forces of the country. Progress Mercury squares the receiving hand in Gemini. As for Venus, it is the planet that represents the territorial integrity of the country, its mines (fourth house), and foreign relations (ninth house). Progress Venus also forms a sextile to the star in Gemini. I think this is enough to indicate a violent dispute. The Venus Star of Ukraine has been triggered in every angle.

Currently, transit Pluto in a conjunction with the foundational foot in Capricorn. As you know, the applying aspect is always the most effective one. Pluto will form a partile conjunction with this star at the end of April 2022 at 28° Capricorn. Neptune, on the other hand, will again form a square to the Star at 22° Gemini. Uranus is already in opposition with the helping hand. These three generation planets are simultaneously activating the Venus Star. We can interpret the silence of these days as the silence before the storm. It seems to me that the Solar Arc Moon and Uranus triggering helping hands supports this possibility.

In addition to that; progress Moon will accelerate events by forming a conjunction with the giving foot in June 2022, after making quincunx with the star in Scorpio. Since Progress Mars will square to the ASC, it would not be wrong to say that Ukraine is entering a period in which it will protect itself and its resources.

The retrograde motion of Venus took place on the Ascendant of the country. The Heliacal rising of Venus on the eastern horizon also took place over Neptune, which rules the material resources of Ukraine. According to the ancient Greek belief; when Venus is visible again, the energy in the macro system tells the story that develops in the micro system. The moment Venus is reborn with her warrior identity as the morning star in the sky, Mars and Uranus oppose both helping hands. Mars is the ruler of the third house of Ukraine, which symbolizes neighboring countries; and also the ruler of the MC, which symbolizes the country's power, oligarchs and reputation. In other words, it is not very surprising that Ukraine is in dispute with its border neighbor Russia. This situation causes the whole world to get involved, including the United States.

On the other hand, Ukraine’s VSP leg in Capricorn moves to 18° Capricorn and is in conjunction with the North Node and ASC, while in a sextile aspect with MC and Pluto (The Venus Star moves clockwise along the chart. Venus goes retrograde every 8 years, in the same zodiac sign but a few degrees earlier). The is a critical point of the current situation. Respected astrologer Ivy Jacobson says that, “Any planet or angle in the same degree as the Nodes points to a catastrophe, casualty, fatality or tragedy in a horary or natal chart, the more far-reaching when a malefic is involved.” It seems unsurprising that in January 2022 there were developments that brought countries to the edge of war. Because nodal axis reveals some of greatest challenges and opportunities, Ukraine needs to reorganize its policies in such a way as to develop an adequate structure for itself.

In October, the sign of Scorpio, located in the Venus Star, will be terminated and be replaced by Libra. This Libra star will be in a square aspect with the foundational foot in Capricorn, while in a sextile aspect with the VSP itself. The topic for Ukraine will still be foreign relations, hostility, the search for compromises and negotiations.

If we look at the autumnal equinox in-Mundo planet positions, the Uranus line is very close to the western side of the country. The intersection point of Mars and Saturn also passes through an area close to the north of Europe. This Mars line intersects with Uranus around Ukraine later. However, Venus, Mercury and Neptune are separately triggering the three Venus stars in the chart.

On the Aries ingress chart; Mars, Pluto, Saturn and Neptune (even Moon and Venus) trigger the Venus Star, while transit Uranus opposes from IC to the country’s Pluto on the Cancer ingress chart. In the winter solstice, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto trigger the Venus Star. Also, in Mundo position, Jupiter and Neptun intersect the Sun line on Ukraine.

It would be wrong to say that Ukraine can maintain its current silence. Winds of radical change are blowing.

We will probably be witnessing the change of the dominant power in the world based on the eclipse's tracking on the world map. The eclipse at the end of April takes place on the west coast of America and on the Russia/Iran, even the United Arab Emirates lines.

An alternative storage for natural gas was established off the coast of Alexandroupoli, Greece. Again, the United States - Qatar partnership has launched natural gas exploration attempts off Cyprus. This means that countries continue to take position against each other. On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates has signed an oil agreement with Israel, as well as an agreement of military cooperation with Greece. So, it seems like this eclipse, which will occur at the end of April, will set many things in motion.

It is possible that the ultimatums and confrontations between these sovereign powers (Russia/Chine and America) will take place through Ukraine (border domination). Let's hope that the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction supports this atmosphere with the energy of optimism, kindness and compassion.

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