8 Şubat 2022

Venus's dance with the Sun creates a magnificent geometry in the sky. The love of the Sun and Venus is so great that they cannot be too far apart from each other. Although Venus wants to get away, the Sun calls her right next to him to experience romance and share love. That is why we witness the return of Venus to the Sun for about 40 days every 1.6 years.

We can look at the mathematics in order to be able to analyze our personal lives, social structures, or events that have left their mark on the era. Each retrograde motion of Venus occurs as it passes between the Earth and the Sun, which is more active in earthly events. Venus is born as a morning star in this phase, when it goes underground with the Sun, with a more aggressive and warrior-like identity. With this feature, she leads the Sun and clears his path.

After meeting at the farthest point from the Earth, behind the Sun, she continues her journey with the identity of the evening star. Venus has a more sensitive and moderate nature during this period. She shines in the sky with her more intuitive and spiritual side.

We are talking about two different conjunctions; two different identities when it comes to the union of the Sun and Venus. The time between these two different appointments covers a period of 9.5 months, and this oscillation forms the 5-pointed star in a 40-year period. Each star is completed in 250 years, so it takes 1250 years for the Venus Star to traverse the entire zodiac. It is possible for us to take a deeper look into these calculations and interpret each one separately. But the subject of this article is to understand what is going on in Turkey and to shed light on where the country's journey is headed to. Turkey's Venus Star (VSP) is in Virgo and conjunct IC. The conjunction of Virgo VSP with IC shows that its roots will shape the future of the country. The Republic of Turkey draws its strength from its ancestors, lands and traditions that shaped the region. At the same time, the fourth house tells us that agriculture and mines should be the main resources that guide the country. Virgo is a zodiac sign that is highly connected with topics such as agriculture, production and health. It is important to remember that the people were oppressed under epidemic diseases, poverty and the feudal system in the founding years of the country. Under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, a full mobilization was declared, and the country produced and developed using its own resources. Even this setting alone explains the Virgo symbolism of the Venus Star. Mass congresses were held in various provinces in every field, the people were educated, the land was improved and the country made serious progress towards becoming self-sufficient over the years. The starting point of the path leading up to the proclamation of the Republic was actually the occupation of the country by foreigners; territorial integrity and homeland are represented by the fourth house of the chart. As you can see, it is not surprising that the Venus Star is in Virgo with IC. The mobilization of a nation and the will to work constitute the locomotive theme of Turkey's Venus Star. The symbolism that gives strength to the locomotive (VSP) in the chart of Turkey is the signs of Aquarius and Taurus (grounding feet). Aquarius, the symbolism of originality and innovation, has influenced the changes in the country's crust, starting from the last period of the 600-year-old Ottoman Empire. Aquarius in the Venus Star always nourishes Virgo, and Virgo nourishes Taurus. We observe this energy flow in the Star of the country. The modernization process covers an era that started with the Imperial Edict of Gülhane period (1839) and continued with the proclamation of the Republic. The liberation and development processes of the Aquarius sign manifested themselves in the fields of law and administration, and from there, extended to the agriculture and banking systems. Efficiency and productivity can only be achieved through freedom, innovation and technological development. Otherwise, it is impossible to achieve perfect purity in itself and separate the useful from the useless. Aquarius rules the ninth house of the chart of the country, where the legal system, laws, religion, higher education, publishing and foreign relations are symbolized. Legislative force is one of the forces that make up the balance system in state bodies. Equality and justice in state policies should form the most important foundation and be able to revise themselves according to world developments, no doubt. Other topics that symbolize the ninth house of the chart are religion and education. In order to avoid bigotry, monotony and even pessimism, Turkey should always be a country that expands its horizons with a questioning approach.

The other grounding feet, Taurus, symbolizes fertility, resources and wealth. It stands for access to sustainable resources and self-sufficiency. In fact, this star says that the country can achieve the wealth and productivity that will ensure its continuity when it produces and works with the solid information and technology.

On the other hand, Taurus is intercepted in the eleventh house of the chart, which cannot reveal itself comfortably like other zodiac signs. Intercepted signs do not ever start a house on charts. For this reason, it is also not easy for their symbolism to manifest itself. Taurus symbolizes local governments, councils, institutions affiliated to the state, and associations on the country chart. The soundness of future plans based on income and revenue depends on the healthy management of the country's natural resources.

Sagittarius and Cancer appear as the helping hands in the chart. We observe Sagittarius in the field representing workers, labor unions, public health and the military. Turkey is a country that has experienced international population exchange during the foundation years of the country. It has been shaped both by receiving migration and experiencing internal migration. It is true that Sagittarius symbolizes foreign and foreign cultures, but let's not forget that the difference between rural and urban lifestyles is also explained by the symbolism of Sagittarius. Due to its location, Turkey also serves as a major path for immigration traffic.

The fact that Sagittarius—the helping hand of the Venus star—is involved in the field of service emphasizes that it must be a visionary. It highlights the importance of knowledge that comes with experience. The importance of experience in improving productivity is absolutely undeniable. When it comes to production and labor policies, Turkey should always be able to learn from past experiences. This way, it will manage to become a force that can feed itself, transform in itself.

When we look at the characteristics of the signs that form the Venus Star, we see a disrupted developmental process across our recent history. Turkey is under the major influence of the symbolism’s shadow sides. This is why it seems difficult for the Venus Star to manifest itself with the symbolism of Virgo. İt seems the country has difficulties to take advantage of its wisdom or inner strength.

The five-pointed Venus Star moves clockwise along the chart. The Venus Star Point (VSP), located in Virgo, is moving towards the sign of Leo as of today to conjunct with natal Neptune. It is a period when there will be a number of developments that determine the direction of the country. Interestingly, the Transit Neptune also triggered the MC simultaneously. Neptune, the planet of uncertainty, scandals and misconceptions, shows that the country is on its way to a chaotic situation. The transit VSP junction of Natal Neptune in the third house also indicates that there may be scandalous developments in areas such as relations with neighboring countries, communication, journalism and the use of the media. Besides, we entered the year 2022 with various polemics in which celebrities were targeted on social media. Intentionally or not, these events are trending via social media; even detentions and arrests continue unabated. I would say that there is no connection between what is being said, what is being meant, and what is being understood. In short, it is a typical Neptune-in-third-house situation. To me, the fact that the VSP emphasizes this point is a warning to use Neptune's energy correctly. If we manage to do that, of course.

Neptune is also associated with oil, gas, sea, water resources, cinema, and the pharmaceutical industry. In my opinion, our maritime boundaries and dams will see some important developments, especially when Neptune enters Aries in 2025. But the foundations of that point in time will be laid this year for Turkey. The planet always shows itself with an energy that dissolves and disperses. For this reason, in addition to the VSP Neptune conjunction, its passing through the MC of the chart of Turkey in transit may cause issues such as political instability, dissolution, and illusion.

Considering that Aquarius, the grounding feet of the star, is triggered by the transit VSP; we see that the legal system and foreign relations are important factors in the formation of the current conditions of the country, especially in financial matters.

Let’s see how this star proceeds.

Aquarius's energy moves to Capricorn, moving from the foreign affairs and legal themes to the seventh house—the house of alliance and enmity—in sextile to natal Venus. Considering that since 2018, both Saturn and Pluto have been testing the country in this area, we can say that the fate of the country will be shaped by its search for new allies or new agreements. Today, it is still not clear which countries exactly we cooperate with, and how. I think this is the case all over the world. The problems that grew with the pandemic continue to shape the whole world. With the UK-European Union issues, Russia-China-Iran triad, and the domestic politics of USA, it will naturally be difficult to strike a healthy balance on this slippery slope.

The helping hand, on the other hand, proceeds from the cusp of the sixth house to the fifth house, which is quite loaded, triggering the natal Moon of the country. Even though the Moon symbolizes the people and the public opinion of the country, it also stands for its material resources, banks and supplies. This explains the decrease in sources of vital supplies and a public in distress in a country where financial losses have occurred due to speculation. And if we look at the fifth house from the perspective of happiness and the entertainment industry, it is possible to state that the depressing tone stemming from loss may linger for a while.

Natal Moon is located on the twelfth house of the chart. This house is about illegal organizations, secret societies, seclusion. The Natal Moon and the Sun/Saturn midpoint are triggered by the helping hand. In this case, Turkey will go through times where secret groups that do not reveal themselves are considered authorities. It could also touch on secret agreements made behind the scenes affecting the will of the country.

The other helping hand of the star progresses to the twelfth house of the chart and triggers Uranus, which symbolizes freedom. In order for the country to increase its productivity, it must be able to move forward with support from reforms in the fields of law and foreign relations. Now that Turkey's Uranus is conjunction with MC, it is time for the country to free itself from collective belief patterns.

The 5° Aries star of March 26 was located in the area representing the government/leaders of Turkey and opposite its natal Mars. Transiting Mars, the dispositor of the Venus Star, was simultaneously on 13° Gemini which is the degree of the other star. In short, all the hidden issues, occult groups, secret hostilities have affected the country's agenda. For a long time, the country was shaken by the government/mafia connections. Scandals taking place in cult dormitories began to appear in the press. The topic of young people committing suicide was trending on social media. I think the result of this process is that the people's support for the ruling party has started to decrease.

The retrograde of Mars will begin in November and progress from 25° Gemini to 8°.  The triggering of the 13° Gemini of the star will also mark the movement of natal Uranus. The country will have to make new choices, whether it wants to or not.

With the entry of Uranus into the eleventh house—symbolizing the national assembly— in 2017, the country switched to the presidential system, in which the powers of the assembly were relatively reduced. Now, it will pave the way of reform towards transformation by triggering the helping hand in the same field. We will witness the parliament being reconstructed.

In the progress chart,

the new moon takes place in Aquarius in the eighth house, where financial matters are represented. This new moon inconjuct the country's VSP. The country's foreign debt stock is increasing year-on-year, and as a result, it is unfortunately in the position of a country struggling with severe currency shortages and high inflation. At this point, the country may have to use its vital resources, mines, and even lands to maintain its debt balance. Saturn, which represents the open enemies and allies of the country, seems to be active in all areas of the chart. The transit Saturn conjunct the country's progress new moon, as the progress Saturn conjunct the country's natal Sun and oppose the star's grounding feet. We can assume that fields such as communication, transportation, media, and education will be restructured due to disruptions or restrictions. Since the Sun represents the ruler of the country and also its celebrities, it would not be wrong to assert that the rulers and celebrities of the country are also under pressure in this case. Naturally, it is sure to be a depressing year due to limitations and insufficient resources.

Progress Mars inconjunct Pluto, which is located in the first house, as well as the helping hand. The synchronicity with the new moon in the eighth house, which represents the rates of crises and deaths, reinforces the possibility that the country will experience a process of confusion, rebellion, conflict and riots. The helping hand of the Venus Star, in junction with Pluto, had already started the transformation process in the fields of production and efficient working policies. The experiences that come with Pluto are not easy. It represents the struggle for survival, existential crisis. The planet, located in the first house on the country’s chart, is triggered by Mars this year. With the transit Jupiter’s progress in mid-February, we can expect a number of developments in this area.

Since Progress New Moon also triggers the VSP, Turkey will have to revise its social structure. The social identity of the country, which has been receiving devastating migration since 2011, is gradually transforming. The economic and sociological developments that have taken place as a result will force the country to handle this situation as a priority.

The fact that Progress Moon will trigger (sesquiquadrate) natal Mars immediately after it conjunct 19° Aquarius (grounding feet) in May will speed things up. Progress Moon always acts as a trigger. In July, we can expect some action in terms of national defense issues in the country.

In fact, Progress Jupiter provides the necessary power and the opportunity to meet the need for defense. Turkey can use its own resources to provide an efficient production system if it wants to, as long as it can free itself from collective belief systems. Uranus is the prominent planet on the country’s chart. In other words, the country has to turn its direction towards the enlightenment and innovation that Uranus symbolizes. The country can only move forward with modern approaches and a visionary understanding of leadership. The path that should be followed for this is the symbolism of Virgo, in which the VSP is located. Its legacy, its treasure it inherited from its roots is productivity; working with humility. Turkey is a country that can produce and grow thanks to its natural resource wealth. And the only way to achieve this is through the symbolism of Sagittarius; education and knowledge mobilization starting from the nuclear family. Of course, this is not about literacy. Sagittarius is about the code of ethics, tolerance and understanding. First and foremost, one needs to be a decent person, and then arm oneself with knowledge. One should first train the soul, then equip the brain. Because without one, the other will be displeasing.

Hoping that we will take the right path…

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